Trading with bright minds and bold ambitions


“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

At Epoch we consider trading the ultimate competitive sport, where the best and brightest in the world come to compete. It takes a growth mindset, teamwork and relentless effort to succeed year in, year out in this infinite game. We excel because our exceptionally talented people have total focus on the team’s objectives.

We trade 24/6 in futures, options, swaps and spot products across a range of asset classes and venues around the world. Our revenues are generated through the systematic application of risk, domain knowledge and mathematical frameworks as well as the backing of stable, risk tolerant capital.

We aspire to be the best in the world at what we do.


“It’s not a faith in technology, It’s faith in people.” – Steve Jobs

Epoch’s success is built on great ideas implemented through sophisticated technology. Our software engineering and technical operations teams work closely together to create nimble and pragmatic, tailored solutions to the trading challenges we face.

Speed to market is imperative to capture the evolving trading opportunities whilst minimising operational risk. We are always on the hunt for smart people who have a passion for technology and see opportunities where others see problems.


“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Our trading can’t happen without the whole team working together toward one vision. Processing millions of trades requires us to be operationally meticulous and we have robust processes in place to support our trading 24/6.

The team succeeds together and we know the role each person plays in achieving our objectives.


Michael Humphreys

Founder & CEO

My primary responsibility here at Epoch, is to guide and support our team in solving the challenges presented today, in a manner that will develop our ability to solve even greater challenges tomorrow. I’m privileged to be able to work with a collection of intelligent and independent minds, in an environment where open and honest communication, is more important than position, which means I have to be on my game everyday, and am constantly learning from our innovative team. The magic moments happen for me at Epoch when I can help this diverse collection of talented people, come together to develop a solution or strategy that none of us could have come to on our own. Before I found trading, sport was my life, and so I am proud that Epoch’s story has been based on some of the core principles of sporting success; ambition, attention to detail, teamwork and persistence.

Darren Mast

Chief Operating Officer

My role at Epoch is to assist in driving the creation and execution of the firm’s global strategy. This includes development and implementation of firm, business and functional plans, creating and executing funding strategies aligned to the firm’s objectives and creating and running accountability processes to measure and manage effective day-to-day execution.

My main objective is to align what we do and work toward achieving our collective vision.

Roslyn Russell

Head of People & Culture

Epoch is a place where talented people from around the world come to achieve exceptional things. As Head of People and Culture it’s my responsibility to develop and drive initiatives that ensure our people can reach their potential and beyond. I am passionate about creating an environment where people can grow, develop and perform – and have some fun along the way! Working closely with the team I focus on how we work together to achieve success, implementing initiatives that are relevant, useful and drive performance. I’m proud to be a part of a firm that truly values the diversity and creativity that every individual brings. This is what makes us unique, and is the foundation for our ongoing success.

Alex Sadowski

General Counsel and CEO of US Office

My responsibilities are for managing Epoch’s global legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. I advise the CEO and the board on corporate governance, and other legal matters. I also manage our US operation based out of New York, which includes our U.S. investment adviser that operates Epoch’s hedge fund business.